900 TV channels to your car

Install Slingbox Pro on your cable box at home. This will enable cable TV to your smartphone.  I have three A/V inputs to my dashboard display.  Native controls for car, HDMI out from phone, HDMI out from PC.  This NAV-TV switch enables switching between all three.

NAV-TV Produces a wide variety of A/V interfaces for many vehicles. This allows for DVD, TV and other A/V sourced to be displayed on a factory Monitor / Radio. Please refer to our application guide for detailed information.


You can power the data using either your phone, a MiFi 4G hotspot, or Autonet mobile satellite service (3G)

Slingbox install plugin

Run Slingbox



Autonet provides uninterrupted internet service to your car while in motion.  You can use your phone tethered however phone calls can stop the data flow with some carriers.  In the context of cell phones, tethering is connecting your phone to a laptop or similar data device using a data cable, usually for the purpose of connecting to the Internet on the laptop, via the phone’s wireless connection to the cell phone network.  Some users may prefer the versitality of the MiFi.  Here is the Verizon Jetpack (www.verizonwireless.com) alongside the Autonet router. (www.autonetmobile.com/service)



This spider cable enables the phone to the display when connected or the PC when unplugged.

Mirror your phone to car and display on Nav panel

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